Bernofarm Quality Control
PT Bernofarm convinced that a good marketing team will not be successful without the support of quality guarantee each product that is delivered to the market. Quality begins with the material, to a process for producing a great product. We implement integrated quality system, with limited testing, but also including non-conformance investigation to prevent recurrence, the validation process, the cleaning process, and testing methods, as well as the implementation of the treatment program. We also have the environmental monitoring program. We build up the quality of the process by providing adequate training to employees, serve them with a logical and up-to-date SOP and applying statistical methods.

All products that we've launched in accordance with the specifications, based on the union pharma such as USP, BP, DAB, and PI.

Bernofarm Research & Development
At Bernofarm Research Centre (BRC), our mission to ascertain and elicit ground-breaking medicines to ease patient's suffering, and solve the most important unmet medical needs of our time that keeps us always keyed up.