When someone joins PT BERNOFARM, the organization offers an opportunity to participate in a work environment that is highly developed with powerful resources, great diversity and broad horizons in terms of career development. When we hire a young Indonesian talent, we look forward five years from now what this person can be. We do not offer jobs but careers, that select "the man from the boys and the lady from the girls". We value managers and executives who can bring solutions and not raise the problems. We are strongly behind those employees who can focus their energy, imagination and intelligence on raising the organization from the status quo, and those who can always perform beyond the expectation.

Realizing the importance of qualified human resources to support company growth, we place the development of Human Resources at the highest priority in our management agenda. It is the management's goal to create competent professionals in each department, in marketing as well as non-marketing departments.

We manage a strict recruitment system both for talented beginners as well as experienced, highly motivated professionals. We create a healthy competitive atmosphere among them in order to reach their own career that management continuously offered.

With high quality of human resources and a strong winning spirit obsessed, they will always serve the best to the client, Our belief is "there is no mountain we cannot climb and no sea we cannot cross".